The Tension of Reflexive Identity

This is the continuation of work I first started doing in the mid 1980’s. It was originally called “The Pigeon Project”,  and then, for a while, “The Paradox of Reflexive Identity”. I also called it “If You Can Name It” for a time. You can see some of that work here.

I think the changing titles accurately reflect my changing relationship to what I am pursuing. The pigeon in the sky symbolized something transcendent or mystical to me and I was very attached to it. I even put pigeons in some of the photos after the fact. They always created a certain yearning in me. I think I have gradually become a bit less of a romantic and am willing to own my yearning without the need for mysticism, and how I experience myself has ceased to be paradoxical to me. Tension seems to be an appropriate  description of the many dualities we have to resolve,  accept or balance as creatures who can reflect a great deal on our own being. I still can’t name it, but that seems a pointless challenge somehow.

303 08-09: The Lipstick Building, NYC 2014

320 06-07: Vacant Lot, Midtown NYC 2014

346 35-36: Marine Terminal, 23rd St and the FDR  NYC 2014

348 31-12: Under the J Train, Brooklyn  2014

351 34-35: Williamsburg Bridge/Domino Sugar Factory 2014

326 31-32: Midtown in the 30’s, NYC 2014

349 24-25: Flushing Meadow Park 2014

352 02,03: 10th Street Sidewalk 2014